Tessa Bertram

» Paths are made by walking. « (F. Kafka)


Conflicts are a part of our everyday lives – at home, at work and in our spare time.

Conflicts are normal. They develop due to discrepancies in personal experience, perception and temperament. Misunderstandings and differences in opinion can also quickly lead to conflicts.

Leaving them unsolved costs us strength and energy. Unfortunately, conflicts do not disappear on their own! To enable an ongoing harmonious working relationship or life together they need to be addressed and dealt with.

If you want to change a conflict-ridden situation or relationship there are multiple alternatives:

  • The procedure of mediation under the guidance of a mediator can help the conflicting parties develop a solution that is acceptable for everyone involved.
  • Often a formal mediation session is not necessary. However, to help with a difficult meeting or discussion you can invite an impartial facilitator. This can be very liberating and the crucial step to getting the ball rolling.
  • You and your team could use a crash course in communication, managing conflicts and team spirit? Choose a training!

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