Tessa Bertram Mediation

» The origin of all conflict is
that I do not say what I mean
and I don't do what I say. « (M. Buber)

What is Mediation?

Mediation is the art of bringing people together.

A mediator enables a dialogue between conflicting parties through a structured process, thereby paving the way towards finding a solution.

It is essential for the opposing factions to develop the solution collectively and without having it proposed or dictated unto them. This makes it sustainable in the long-term.  At the end of the process, the parties reach a settlement outlining the essential points agreed upon during the session.

Mediation can be valuable for individuals and teams.

Participation must be voluntary and every issue brought up during a session must be treated with complete confidentiality.

Mediation will lead to a positive outcome and enables a more harmonious future if all parties are fundamentally interested in solving the conflict.

I offer mediation sessions for the following situations:

  • For conflicts in the workplace
  • For departments/teams
  • For offices and group practices
  • Between associates in family businesses
  • During and after business successions
  • For clubs
  • For parishes
  • For inheritance cases
  • For neighborhood conflicts

In time-sensitive situations, mediation is always advantageous. In contrast to court settlements, a few sittings can suffice to reach a satisfying solution. This also results in comparably low costs.

Usually a session lasts up to 90 minutes. For groups and teams however, a longer workshop can be more constructive.