Tessa Bertram Trainings zur Teamentwicklung

» You cannot not
communicate. « (P. Watzlawick)


How can my team work and communicate better?
How can I conduct unpleasant conversations and enable a positive outcome for all involved?
How do I act in a conflict situation?
What happens to me in a conflict?

And how can I better cope with the stress burdening my everyday work life?

I offer training sessions and day-long courses on the following topics:

  • Leading a team
  • Team development
  • Communication  – Moving from Confrontation to Cooperation
  • Appreciative communication
  • Conflict management
  • Working with group conflicts
  • Stress management

The training sessions I run are focused on conveying background knowledge, techniques and methods to communicate more efficiently with colleagues and clients. We do a lot aof exercises taken from everyday situations.
Feel free to contact me, I will gladly develop tailored sessions for your individual needs!